About Us

Garg is professionally managed manufacturer and exporter of custom build premium keychains since 1989 and also market leader at National Level in its product.

Gargalso have renowned name at International Level.

After 30 years of Market Research Garghas launched new product range of Badges, Lapel pins, diary label, bookmark and bag labels.

Badges build Corporate identity helps to address one another

First impression is the last impression

Name badges give attendees a sense of warmth with a professional first impression, immediately putting everyone around you at ease. The personal touch given also makes introductions so much easier.


Name badges are a vital part of an event where networking is an essential element of the day’s agenda. The fact that your name is readily available allows people to approach you and saves you from that dreaded mortification of not remembering a person’s name.


Your brand is the primary element of your business, but your name assists in creating a personal connection between your customers and you. Name badges are a crucial form of identification, and therefore are efficient tools that can be used to promote your business.


Your staff also work hard to achieve their accomplishments. Name badges provide a modest way to certify that the professional successes of your staff are appreciated and exhibited with pride. Whether revealing ten years of service or presenting a recent promotion, your employees will make every effort to achieve every victory with the added appreciation that is part of your unique name badge program. Honor your employee performance by adding “Stars” or “Years of dedicated service” stamp.


The usual advertising channels can be expensive. The name tags will help you increase your promotional space by placing it at the vanguard of communications between your clients and you. Market your latest product, promote your seasonal offers or raise awareness for your business with the versatility of the name badge system. It is also the best tool that can help your employees keep up with their targets and initiatives.


Most importantly research shows that name badges improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and motivate your employees to work as a part of a team.